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"I will help you find the love you have always dreamed of - or bring the passion back to the relationship you already have."

- Sandra Harmon

"On Call" Coaching
$125 per call

Client receives the ability to call and make an appointment for a 45 minute coaching call at any time during the month and as many times as they would like. Sessions are guaranteed to be scheduled within 48 hours of the client calling (but within 24 hours in most cases). This is perfect for the person who is undergoing an ongoing crisis and needs immediate help, or who just needs to talk.


Love Coach, Life Coach, Love Trainer

Let me help you change your life, so you can reach your romantic goals.

As your personal Love Coach, Dating Coach, Sex Coach and Relationship Coach, I will teach you the exact techniques you can use to find and/or keep a loving and intimate relationship.

I will be there for you every day and every step of the way, in order to provide the answer to your questions, and the solutions to your problems or issues, so that you can find and keep the loving relationship you have always wanted.

To find out if coaching is right for you or to see if you and I would make a good match, email me at SHTVSHOW@aol.com so we can set up your FREE coaching session telephone call.

During this free call, I will do some actual coaching with you so you can get some immediate benefit from the session and you will have a chance to ask me any questions you might have about me or about coaching in general.

"As your personal Love Coach, Dating Coach, Sex Coach and Relationship Coach, I will answer your questions, help you solve your romantic problems and teach you the exact techniques you can use to find and/or keep a loving and intimate relationship, filled with romance, trust, great sex and excellent communication. I will be there for you every step of the way, to provide the solution to your love, dating sex and/or relationship problems, so that you reach your romantic goals, based on your own individual desires".

Sandra Harmon has become the country's "#1 Love, Dating, Sex and Relationship Coach," since the success of her two best selling, self-help books, the powerful and ground breaking, "Getting To I Do," , which teaches women everywhere how to meet a man, begin a romantic relationship, and get married, or at least engaged by the end of the first year; and its sequel, "Staying Married and Loving It" (William Morrow), written with Dr. Pat Allen.

Sandra's clients, many of whom are Hollywood superstars and studio power brokers, (she is known as The Love Coach To The Stars), and her unique approach for turning romantic fantasy into successful reality, has established her as the "go to" person for both men and women who want immediate and accurate answers to their love, dating, sex and relationship questions.

Whether through her books, lectures and seminars or through her personal coaching, Sandra Harmon has helped thousands of people to finally find and keep the lasting love they had always longed for, but which previously had always alluded them.

Sandra Harmon is also a highly entertaining television personality and popular public speaker on relationship issues (and celebrity marriages). She is a frequent guest on television, and featured on radio and in newspapers and magazines.

"After the publication of "Getting To I Do,", recalls Sandra, " hundreds of people wrote me to tell me that the book changed their lives. For that reason, I was asked to write the sequel, this time for couples who were in a relationship or marriage. "Staying Married and Loving It" was the next book, a manual for men and women who want to be in a marriage that works - physically, mentally and emotionally.

In the years since these books were published, during which time I became a personal coach in the area of love, dating, sex and relationships, I am proud and happy to have worked with thousands of singles and couples who have found and kept a loving and committed romantic relationship or marriage after learning my techniques and practicing them their own way, in their own lives, based on their own needs and desires.

It's not difficult. You just have to learn a few of the rules. Why not email me at SHTVSHOW@aol.com or call me at 310-418-5604 and set up your FREE, twenty minute telephone consultation to see whether you want to work with me. During that time, I will help you with your romantic problems. I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

Why not email me, or make the call that will change your life?

Sandra Harmon

phone: 310-418-5604

email: SHTVSHOW@aol.com

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Love Coach, Life Coach, Love Trainer, Life Trainer