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"I will help you find the love you have always dreamed of - or bring the passion back to the relationship you already have."

- Sandra Harmon

"On Call" Coaching
$125 per call

Client receives the ability to call and make an appointment for a 45 minute coaching call at any time during the month and as many times as they would like. Sessions are guaranteed to be scheduled within 48 hours of the client calling (but within 24 hours in most cases). This is perfect for the person who is undergoing an ongoing crisis and needs immediate help, or who just needs to talk.


Love Coach, Life Coach, Love Trainer

Find Love Through Online Dating

Seventy one million busy men and women are successfully using on-line dating sites to find their soul-mates, so why don't you? It's the perfect way to broaden your visibility a thousand fold, and get to know many interesting and attractive men (or women), who fit your criteria for a mate, and whom you wouldn't otherwise have an opportunity to know.

Let me help you win the game of love. I will give you photo advice, help you write an eye-catching profile, and guide you in the ways in which you will attract and keep the interest of that special man (or woman) with whom you have chemistry, who you can trust, and who has the values, attitudes and personality traits which will compliment yours.

You will learn:
  • How to find the right dating site and sign up for a FREE trial run
  • How to select the All-Important Photo
  • How to construct an attention grabbing headline that attracts the right man (or woman)
  • How to hone your seduction skills
  • What your profile really says about you
  • Why the male should always make the first move
  • How long to wait before responding to his email
  • How to weed out "the losers"
  • When to give him your phone number
  • Why you should never call him first
  • When to accept a date
  • How to dress for that important first date
  • Where to meet
  • Why you should never split the check
  • What to do if you hate him the minute he says, "Hello"
  • How to deal with rejection
  • If you both like each other; what then?
  • And much more

Finding & Keeping Love for Singles

Based on my best selling book, "Getting To I Do," (Wm. Morrow)

Are you successful in your career, but find yourself without an intimate relationship?

Or are you in a troubled relationship you don't know how to improve? Maybe, like most single women these days, you're confused about how to FIND LOVE with the right man, and make it last.

I can help you learn how to navigate the labyrinth of love, dating, relationships and sex, in this modern, on-line dating culture, so you can finally find and keep the love of the "right man".

You will learn:
  • What to do when you see a man you're attracted to
  • Why you must learn to flirt
  • Why you must never "split the check"
  • Why you must be seen as a "sex object"
  • Why men don't call back
  • Why a woman should not pursue a man
  • How men fall in love
  • Why sex before commitment could be addictive for you but not for him
  • How respecting him helps the relationship (and his erection)
  • How to know when you're giving too much
  • How to get what you want from a man without asking
  • What makes a man want to commit
  • How to turn a "taker" into a "giver"
  • How to deal with money
  • How to make sex great, or even greater
  • How to get engaged, within a year
  • What about a pre-nuptial agreement?
  • What to do if you prefer to be the "male" in the relationship
  • And much, much more

Love and Marriage Coaching

Based on my best selling book, "Staying Married and Loving It!" (Wm. Morrow)

Are you a desperate housewife? Is the romance gone from your marriage? Is your husband stingy, oversexed, undersexed or abusive? Is he cheating?

Maybe you're the one staying late at the office, fighting for a promotion, while he's at home being Mr. Mom. Or, you're the one having the affair.

It doesn't matter what the scenario is. It's not too late for you to turn your marriage around if you are willing to make the effort. I'll show you how to bring back the passion you once knew, using my principles that work. I'll show you the path the two of you must walk to maintain openness, intimacy, love and passion, in a balanced, pleasure-centered, non-intimidating relationship that is flexible, negotiable and enduring.

You will learn:
  • How to encourage your mate to understand and cherish your feelings
  • How to express your smart ideas without making him feel challenged
  • What to do if you're more successful than he is
  • How to cope with his addictions and/or obsessions
  • How to bring intimacy and emotional support into your relationship
  • How to handle money in the relationship
  • How to rekindle the fires of sexual passion
  • How to forgive a man who's been very hurtful to you
  • Love tips that work
  • What to do if he asks you for a divorce
  • How a trial separation can sometimes help a marriage
  • How to tell when it's time to leave the relationship and think about divorce
  • And much, much more


Is your sex life less than thrilling? Or is it "nonexistent"? Or are you settling for shallow, dangerous, polygamous sex instead of satisfying, monogamous lovemaking?

Don't you deserve to have a great sex life? I can show you the way to an exciting, erotic and totally satisfying sex life, combined with a loving, intimate and monogamous relationship.

You will learn:
  • The two kinds of sexuality
  • How to feel sexy and desirable at any age
  • How to ensure your orgasm and stop worrying about his
  • Why giving good sex doesn't help you keep your man
  • Why you can't fix your partner's sex problems, and why he can't fix yours
  • What you should "confess" to your new man, and what you should keep to yourself
  • How to keep a sexual relationship from turning into an obsessive addiction
  • Why respect helps his erection
  • Why verbal communication lays the groundwork for free and erotic lovemaking
  • Sensate focusing exercises for great sex
  • And much, much more

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Love Coach, Life Coach, Love Trainer, Life Trainer